Why they will or won’t meet with you





Okay, after much thought, while I waited for my wife to finish shopping at the mall, I decided to share with you, all of the reasons, why your prospects will or won’t meet with you. See if you can think of any others. I bet you can’t! Remember, I dedicated 5 (probably expensive) shopping and waiting hours, to thinking of all of the reasons for why your prospects will or won’t meet with you, again, while I waited patiently for my wife to finish her shopping. By the way, not like anyone should really care, but do you know how many pallets of copy-paper I must sell, for one of my wife’s fashion-crazed purses?


Okay here you go!


Why they will meet you….


  • You sound likable and are respectful.
  • You sound confident (not overly so), and like you know your stuff!
  • You sound cute, witty, and or are charming!
  • They are bored, and have nothing better to do!
  • They have a friend in the industry, and they want to “grab” your stuff!
  • They are obligated…. a friend sent you their way! How nice of them!
  • They have to justify their job! No intentions of ever buying!
  • They could not pay their bills to another vendor-and really need you!
  • They don’t like their current vendor or don’t know them!
  • Their boss asked (implied), or demanded them, to meet with you!
  • They are curious!
  • They are naturally relationship types; they will meet you because….
  • They want to see you sweat or dance; ego gratification need!
  • They think there could be something in it for them (personally).
  • They want to leverage your stuff against their current supplier (name drop).
  • They are always price or service shopping!
  • Your company is a “preferred vendor”
  • Your company is the only provider of the product or service needed!
  • They used your company in the past!
  • There is a genuine need for your product or service!
  • They are new and want to make a name for themselves!
  • They can’t say “no” and will meet anybody!
  • They are in a good mood!
  • You studied my book (I saved the best for last)! But to be fair, since it has not been released yet, how could you have known!


Why they won’t….


  • Your product does not excite them or motivate them.
  • You lack basic telephone speaking and listening skills!
  • You sound desperate, insincere, weak, timid, or bored (or a combo of them all)!
  • You have the wrong contact! This person can’t meet you even if they wanted to!
  • You sound rehearsed or the same as everybody else!
  • You have not earned “calling capital” or played the “call me back game” enough!
  • They don’t understand what you’re selling (product or appointment).
  • They can’t understand you (talk to fast, accent issue, use of slang).
  • They are lazy!
  • They are miserable and non-motivated (you’re better off without them – trust me)!
  • They have a good friend or relationship in the business!
  • They feel they are getting a good deal already!
  • They don’t like you (that’s not right or fair)!
  • They don’t like your company!
  • They really are too busy, or now is “honestly” not the time to meet!
  • They want to “read” something first!
  • They hate their job, or even their company or co-workers!
  • They are quitting or retiring!
  • They have more pressing business or personal issues!
  • They are in a bad mood!


Okay, so there you have it, so don’t take appointment setting too much to heart. Let’s focus on keeping those appointment calls coming, and not get too caught up, with why he or she won’t meet me or you, and why conversely everyone you called today said yes!


$380 bucks for a purse!