You’re Doing Your Job!




I don’t know about you, but for me, I unfortunately have to work. That is my life’s fate! So be it! That “bill and family thing” keeps me motivated-even when I don’t want to get out of bed. So okay, since many of us have to work, let’s get over the fact that there will sometimes be things we don’t like to do. Hopefully after you are done reading this book (coming soon I promise!), you at least will no longer have fear when calling new prospects, that your stress will be significantly minimized, and your results greatly improved. 


One of the stresses that I want to minimize is this often-irrational fear that you are being a “pain” to the prospect you are calling, especially after you have called more than once. You know the type of person you think you are, the one that everyone wants to naturally hang up on. In your mind, honestly, do you feel that you are (at least sometimes) this person? Come on-it’s me, you can tell me. I have felt this way at times-and frankly, I love doing this part of the sale. So, if at times it bothers me, I know at times, you likely may have felt this same way. It’s okay, were amongst friends! I will explain why this occurs in the first place and how we will deal with and minimize this irrational thought once and for all. 


First, this feeling of being a bother or pain occurs because we are all a bit uncomfortable with the unknown. We do not know what type of person we will get, or what mood they will be in, especially if we have called in the past. Many questions run swiftly through our mind. Will this person be receptive? Could this be somebody that knows me personally? Do I seem desperate for a sale? Will I make a complete full out of myself? Do they really need me, my product, or service? Am I an inferior (in any way) alternative to what they have now? Am “I” part of the problem (by calling) than a solution? This list of irrational and fear-based thoughts, questions, and emotions can go on indefinitely. Frankly, there is no way to answer them-thus exacerbating the anxiety. Simply put, many of these concerns are meaningless. Do not dwell on them. Realize what they are. They are caused from the fear of the unknown, and perhaps for some, a little inexperience. 


Okay, now that we have identified the cause of this fear, and have identified this as just some simple anxiety, we will now go over how to deal with this feeling. I have uncovered three basic premises that will help you get over this feeling.  


Let’s start with the prospect him or herself. First, like you, they have a job to do, like it or not! It’s that simple. You are not the cause of their woes (if they indeed have them). If they do not like doing this part of their job-it is up to them to change it, or move on! You are not the cause of their job frustration or unhappiness (again if that is even the case). You did not put them in their position-they did it all by themselves.  


Second, this act of contacting a prospect is not personal. Yes, at times it may feel that way, but frankly it is business transaction. You (like them) are doing, what you are expected to do. The prospect knows this (and if they don’t, they will learn it soon). It is part of their everyday life-just like obtaining business is part of yours. You are earning your salary or business worth/value by reaching out to prospects period-and no prospect is worth you compromising this position.  


Lastly, you are not rude or out “to get somebody.” You are honest and professional at all costs, all of the time. Later in this book, you will read about selling practices that are inappropriate-but it is my bet that you do not apply those kinds of tactics anyway. So, since you are being professional, do not worry about the prospect who exclaims that you are calling too much or are a pain. Trust me when I tell you that will happen rarely if at all in a career- and if it does, so be it. There could be thousands of reasons for that stance by the prospect. 


If you are not sure if you are calling a prospect too much, it’s okay to ask! Why not? If anything, that shows empathy, and if it eases your anxiety then ask! Believe me, in this world there are worse crimes! 


On another note, do not apologize off of the get-go for calling somebody, avoid by all the means the following: 


Is this the wrong time? 

Sorry for the interruption! 

Do you have a moment? 

This will only take a minute? 

How are you today? 

You understand my point here- no more apologies! 


Stop considering yourself a pain, you are a valuable resource! And a good one too! You have nothing to fear or be ashamed of when you are simply doing your job!